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Kennel Woodt light

Blev stiftet i 2009.

Seriøst opdræt til konkurrence-familie og avl med vægt på temperament-samarbejdsevne og omgængelighed samt respekt

for racens oprindelige funktion som brugshund.

 Opdrætter af racen Malinois.

Nyhed 10-11-2021 Hvalpe er født 6 hanner og 3 tæver.

Åben for bestilling

A super interesting litter on the way 🤩 for anyone interested about malinois for sport:

The father, “Berec” is not only an exellent sport dog, but also a very nice, easy going and social dog in normal life. His working attitude and work in protection, obedience and tracking is powerful and very high drive. If you have not seen his protection work and attacks you should look them up! 🙀🤩

The mother, “Do do” I have met many times as well as puppies from she. They show very good sport dog qualities, but are not nervous! The father from she, High Impact Al Capone is one of my favorite malinois. He is very strong and stabil character and has a real fighting spirit, which is not so often seen in malinois🔥

The puppiea are born i Denmark at Malene Pedersen & Erik Pedersen

When you have interest you can directly contact them. I highly recommend them as breeders 

Klik for at redigere denne titel

KWL Foder findes i vores online butik


Yannick Kayser ord om kuldet.

Four dogs from one litter and all dogs have more than great working dog qualities.

Alle four have bitten for the first time and I am really impressed to see Already great Malinois again.They are so similar to each other in their strong,calm grips and their fighting spirit, that must be genetic. Im so happy that there are dog like that:-) Thanks for the very nice time in Denmark Malene&Erik see you soon

Der ligger film af kuldet på Magisto- Malene Pedersen 

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Facebook under KayserDog ved Yannick Kayser

1 maj 2018 på Arbejdernes Kampdag ankom

6 tæver & 2 hanner til verden.

Alle sunde og kamp klar til et nyt liv.

se mere under kuld

High Impact Al Capone far til vores D Kuld i 1Maj 2018 med vores Tæve Jupitor du DGV.

Woodt Light Devil

Woods light Do do/ Delta

Jupitor du DGV

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